In debossing, an image is pressed into the surface of the item creating depressions rather than raised impressions. Each piece is individually hand done. This process presses a die under intense heat into the material leaving a depressed imprint of the design, logo, or initials. It is very similar to hotstamping, without the foil. Instead of having a logo stamped onto the material, the debossed logo is pressed into the material. It will never peel or flake off, it is a permanent impression.

HOTSTAMPING: Hotstamping is an industrial marking process best known for the shiny metallic gold or silver print it commonly produces. Hotstamping involves pressing a heated metal die against a colored foil on top of the product to be printed. Where the raised surface of the die meets the foil and product being stamped, the foil graphic is permanently transferred to product. What sets the hotstamping process apart from any other method of printing is it's ability to apply a shiny metallic print. A brilliance that cannot be duplicated with ink.

Before a logo or design is embroidered, it has to be digitized. Digitization is the process by which a logo or design is translated into instructions which tell the embroidery machine what to stitch on an item. This is a fairly complex process which requires a one-time setup charge.

Laser engraving is used to etch a logo or design into a metal or plastic service. The small size of the beam lends itself in producing highly detailed logos or designs.